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Celebrating 100 Years of Hospitality

The Red Carnation Hotel Collection is a proud TTC family Brand
and we are honoured to be celebrating 100 years of Hospitality in 2020. 

TTC 100 Years

As one of 42 family-owned and run TTC travel brands, Red Carnation’s history began when Stanley Tollman’s father -  Solomon Tollman, opened a small hotel in Paternoster (a small fishing village in South Africa) in August of 1920. 

Solomon treated every guest as though they were his only guest, welcoming each with the warmth and hospitality he had not found in his own travels.  Working day and night, he built that hotel into a thriving business. In the process, he defined the TTC  family legacy - Driven by Service.

Today our President & Founder Beatrice Tollman ensures that each and every Red Carnation Hotel shares the same vision for service excellence and warm and generous hospitality. The collection is lovingly named after the signature flower Mrs Tollman’s husband Stanley always wears, and today this symbol of hospitality is worn by every member of our team.

The Red Carnation Hotel collection now proudly stands at 20 exceptional hotels around the world, each unique and special, whilst sharing the founding values that define our family-owned and run business and we are so proud to be celebrating this milestone in 2020!

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